Info Company Migas di Indonesia


Info Company Migas ini di tujukkan untuk menambah wawasan kita mengenai perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang Migas di Indonesia.

PT Meindo Elang Indah adalah salah satu perusahaan yang sahamnya murni milik warga negara indonesia.  Perusahaan ini telah banyak mengerjakan di beberapa Project yang besar.

Bagi rekan rekan yang ingin tahu lebih banyak bi lihat di halaman berikut.

Detail Perusahaan.

1. PT Meindo Elang Indah

Company overview

PT. MEINDO ELANG INDAH is an EPC Contractor, provides an international standard of Engineering, Procurement and Construction services for Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industry.

Ours services includes Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of Petrochemical plant, GTS construction and installation, well connection, onshore trunk line installation and various maintenance projects of Oil and Gas Facilities.

Established in 1987, our management and construction team has broad experiences in executing various petrochemical plants and Oil and Gas projects.

As we strive for the CLIENT satisfaction, we value quality, time, budget and safe operation.


Oil and Gas Industy

  • Onshore and offshore Piling.
  • Pipe line fabrication and installation.
  • Well Head Connection.
  • Off shore Platform fabrication and Installation.
  • Various Maintenance.

Other Industry

  • Chemical Plant
  • Other industry Plant

Civil and Marine Structure

  • Reclamation
  • Dredging
  • Jetty and shoreline protection

Company Facilities

In line with our commitment to give the satisfaction to our CLIENT, we equip ourselves with the facilities required to execute the job, efficiently and effectively and within our control.

Substantial and on going investment in yards, equipments and marine spreads, indicate the management commitment

Our yard located in the vicinity of the CLIENT facility and regionally close to all Indonesian developing regions.



Batakan Facilities is our logistic base in Balikpapan – East Kalimantan. Consist of : 

  • Office Building.
  • Warehouse.
  • Fabrication Shop
  • Stock Yard


HANDIL facilities is our base operation in East Kalimantan, located at Mahakam Delta, consist of: 

  • 10 hectares of fabrication yard, fabrication shops, warehouses and offices.
  • 2 hectares of base camp
  • 7 hectares of future development
List Of Major Construction Equipment 

  • Crawler cranes ( 15), range from 65 – 250 tons
  • Telescopic mobile crane ( 5) , 25 45 tons
  • Boom / personnel Crane (1)
  • Tower crane (1)
  • Truck crane (1)
  • Manitou fork lifts (4)
  • Electric Gensets range from 125 – 500 Kva (40)
  • Diesel welding machines (20)
  • Electric welding machines (150)
  • Auto blast machine (1)
  • Cold cutter (2)

List Of Special Equipment

  • Swamp Crane (1)
    30 T special crane designed to work in swampy area.
  • Swamp Excavator (4)
    Special excavator designed to work in swampy area.
  • Vibro Hammer (1)
  • Pile Rig (1)
  • Hydraulic Pile Hammer (5)
    Capacity range from 7 tons to 20 tons


List Of Major Marine Spread

  • Crane Barge (5)

Range from 150 to 180 feet, with crane capacity from 100 tons to 250 tons

  • Accomodation Barge (1)
    145 feet with capasity of 100 people
  • Accomodation Work Barge  (1)

250 feet barge with accomodation for 150 people and 150T/250T crane

  • CSMP Barge (1)

Special designed barge to produce Cement Stabilized Mud Paste for river bank and river crossing repair works

  • Helideck Barge (1)

170 feet barge with helideck

2. PT Guna Nusa Fabrikators

PT Guna Nusa Fabricators is a leading constructor of oil and gas platforms in Indonesia. The company was established by Mr. Iman Taufik, a prominent engineer and entrepreneur in 1980. To date, the company has successfully completed more than 100 offshore structures such as production, compression, wellhead platforms/modules and jackets 

Our major clients are Total, BP, Caltex/UNOCAL/Chevron, Kodeco, MAXUS, Conoco-Phillips,HESS etc.

Our health, safety and environment (HSE) management system conforms to the stringent requirements of all our clients and we have also obtain certification for ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001-2004 and OHSAS 18001-2007. The company is also certified for U, U2 and S Stamps for the manufacture of pressure vessels and boilers.


PT Gunanusa Utama Fabricators (Gunanusa) was founded by Mr. Iman Taufik in 1980. In September 1983 the company secured its first offshore platform Engineering and Fabrication contract for two Production Facilities topsides which were later installed in the Cinta Natomas field in the Java sea. 

Today, after more than 20 years of successful operations, Gunanusa is renowned as one of the leading offshore oil & gas fabrication companies in the ASEAN region and the only company of its kind established and developed by Indonesian Nationals. The company’s excellent track record includes turnkey projects in oil & gas particularly for offshore platforms for some of the world’s famous oil companies like Total, British Petroleum, Pertamina, Chevron, ConocoPhilips, ExxonMobil, YPF Maxus, CNOOC, PetroChina, PTTEP, Hess, and ONGC.

Gunanusa has executed more than 100 contracts since its inception. Most recently, in December 2006, the company delivered two sets of platforms for BP’s Tangguh field offshore Papua, Indonesia with a design life of 40 years; which meant that the structures had to be fabricated with extra long-term corrosion protection which is posed many difficult and new challenges for offshore platform fabrication not commonly faced by fabricators anywhere. The Company’s success was achieved through unrelenting efforts by the management team that has enabled the company to obtain the ISO9001 certification from Lloyds Register in 1999 and a number of safety achievement awards. Most of the projects were executed without any Loss-time Accidents (LTA) and the best safety record achieved by the company was recorded in June 2006 with 20 million man-hours without LTA.

Amongst the projects undertaken by Gunanusa to date include 24 Production Modules, 35 drilling platforms and not less than 24 jackets. The company is also an ASME, U, U2 and S certified company for the manufacture of pressure vessels and boilers including electric dehydrators, separators, tanks, mechanical flotation units, heavy duty filters, water and waste treatment plants and waste heat expansion recovery boilers most notable of which were two units of 100 Mw HRSG (Heat recovery steam generators) which were shipped and installed in the New York city centre.

In keeping with its commitment to contribute towards the country’s efforts in developing the local industry, Gunanusa is an active member of the Indonesian business and industrial community and participates actively in the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), Association of EPC Contractors (GAPENRI), Association of General Contractors (GAPENSI), Federation of Machinery and Metal Working Associations (GAMMA) and Indonesian Shipbuilding Association (IPERINDO).

GUNANUSA’s fabrication yard area located at Desa Margasari, Kecamatan Pulo Ampel, Kab. Serang – Banten, West Java, Indonesia, approximately 120 Km or 2 (two) hours travel by car from Jakarta.

Fabrication Yard Facilities
GUNANUSA’s Fabrication Yard Facility was established to provide a full range of Fabrication and Erection services to the Energy related and Industrial Plant Companies. The Fabrication Yard has modern facilities and capabilities to fabricate Offshore Platforms ( Jacket, Deck, Module, others ), Process Equipment ( Pressure Vessels, Tanks, Separators, Filtration Packages, Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Others ), and Floating Facilities Equipment ( Mooring Buoys, Floating Production Unit (FPU), Tension Leg Platform (TLP), Floating Storage and Offloading Vessels (FSO), Others )
Occupying an area of 18 Ha of fabrication space with 800 meter water front, GUNANUSA’s main facilities are equipped with two load-out jetties each with more than 5,000 Tons capacity and 10,000 SQM covered workshop.

The Fabrications Yard facilities has necessary offices, equipment and personnel to run project activities like fabrication, erection, construction, receive and store materials, blasting & painting, load out and sea-fastening.

Office Facilities

The Office consist of 2 (two) Buildings (3 levels each), with total area 3,800 SQM are the main office for client representative, fabrication department, engineering department, quality department, safety department, administration and others. In addition, there are prefabricated. There are also have sites offices located in various areas of the Fabrication Yard for erection, fabrication, spool shop, maintenance, sub-arc, painting, electrical & Instrumentation, warehouse and others.

Construction Engineering Department

Construction Engineering and Draftsman are available at Gunanusa Fabrication Yard for the preparation of shop of drawings as well as the Jakarta Engineering Group for any design work required. This Department has the following equipment :
• Drafting Machine
• Powerfull personal computer with the latest configuration
• Plotter
• Scanner
• Printer
• Others


PT. Gunanusa Utama Fabricators is ISO 9001:2000 certified by Lloyd’s Register.

Health, Safety And Environment

PT. GUNANUSA UTAMA FABRICATORS is aware that Health, Safety of its employees very important parts of every aspect and level of the project activity. Therefore, the Company will prevent all accident and occupation sickness, which might be experienced by its employees including company property damage in executing every job and prevent work environment damage. The company will achieve the above objectivities by practicing the HSE POLICY

PT. GUNANUSA UTAMA FABRICATORS also responsibility to execute its operation efficiently, safely and as per Client quality specification. The above aims could be achieved by maintaining the health (mentally and physically) of its employees by practicing the DRUGS, ALCOHOL AND GAMBLING POLICY
Company reserves the right to have random narcotic, drug and alcohol testing carried out before personnel travel to the work Site / Yard, at the work Site / Yard or when returning from the work Site / Yard.

Erection / Assembly Area

Open are with 82,000 SQM is available as erection and assembly area.

General Workshops

There are 4 (four) workshops ( 1472 SQM, 2400 SQM, 1300 SQM, 4200 SQM ) complete with equipment for the fabrication of pipe spools and assembly of pressure vessels and skid mounted process equipment. These shops are equipped with :
• Automatic pipe cutting/beveling machines
• 5 Tons JIB Crane with 20 ft radius
• 10 Tons & 40 Tons overhead traveling cranes, which can run along and across the entire shop area
• Abrasive cut-off machines
• 1000 AMP Lincoln Submerged is welding machine
• Automatic plate cutting machine
• Roundo Rolling Machine, capable up to rolling 10 ft-3” plate thickness

Miscellaneous Shop

1 (one) workshop which has an area of 2400 SQM for cutting and profiling works

Sub-Arc and Pressure Vessels Fabrication

Sub-Arc has a 30 M x 100 M storage area for pipes to be pre-fabricated, a 8 M x 11 M prefabricated rack, a 20 M x 75 M pipe rack and a 20 M x 120 M area for storage of finished products. Pressure Vessels up to 10 ft dia, 250 ft long, 2,5 inch thickness can be fabricated. Heat treatment furnace for 16’ x 40’ long vessels is available.

Warehouse Area

There are 3 (three) units of Warehouse which have an overall surface area of 37 m x 23 m and 43 m x 27 m, also one warehouse 20 m x 20 m is available as Custom Bonded Warehouse and General warehouse.

Material Storage

The material storage area is approximately 20,000 SQM (Open Area) for storage of both client(s) and contractor materials and there is another storage area of 10,000 SQM near the sub-arc which is designated for storage of larges tubular.

Working Tables

There are 6 (six) units of working table with the following dimension :
• 1 (one) ea, 25 X 35 meters
• 2 (two) ea, 14 X 78 meters
• 1 (one) ea, 24 X 54 meters
• 2 (two) ea, 18 X 75 meters
These working tables are generally to be used for assembly of deck sections and prefabrications of beams and branches.

Blasting Area
This area is mainly used for blasting and priming works, the final painting work is done wherever it is convenient. Equipment in this area consist of :
• Air Compressors with total capacity 750 CFM.
• Blasting Equipment.
• Automatic (Pangborn) Shot blasting Machines, for 10’ wide steel material, In addition there are Clemco posts available for use where required. Besides above area, there is one Thermal Spray Almunium (TSA) Coating area (1000 SQM) complete with equipment.

Repair and Maintenance Area

This area is designated for repair and maintenance, which includes machine shop, electrical shop, tire & body repair shop and offices. The open area consists of wash & lubrication rack, equipment repair & overhaul facilities and diesel fuel & gasoline storage facilities. In additional to the standard tools to machines shop is equipped with:
• 13 in long bed lathe
• Vertical milling machine
• extra large vertical drill press

Duplex, Stainless Steel and Cuni Pipe Spool Shop

We have a special shop area for Duplex, Stainless Steel and CuNi spool work

Welding School

The welding school is available for training and examination of ability all the welder before working in projects, so that work could be finish with the best quality and on time schedule.


The type and quantity of equipment supplied would be on the requirements of each individual project. The following is inclusive of the type and quantity of equipment that would normally be available for Offshore Platform and Process Module, Material handling, and Petrochemical Industries.

GUNANUSA will rent the other equipment that will be needed as per project requirement

Equipment List

Skidways System

The skid-ways are 0,6 M wide, and 1,5 M deep (embedded), 12.19 M & 20.00 M (Jetty-1) and 15,35 M (Jetty-2) center to center, 300 M Length (Jetty-1) & 153 M Length (Jetty-2) terminating at the face of Jetty.

Along the skidways there are electrical outlets for 380 V rectifier welding machines and compressed air outlets. Side skidways are also for 4 (four) decks.


There are 2 (two) jetties, which are used for load out of structures and most of the offloading and loading of materials. This jetty has minimum water depth are 6 M for Jetty-1 and 7 M for Jetty-2. It was designed for load out of structures up to more than 5000 tons capacity.

Loadout System

The load out system at this yard consist of two skidway system with movable skids for adjusting the width of skidding centers and required, with a sheet pilled jetty a relieving platform. This load out system is designed for loading for up to 100 M long structures weighing up to more than 5,000 Tons each. The minimum water depth at in front of letties are 6 M for Jetty-1 and 7 M for Jetty-2 and least this depth through the natural channels to the open sea. The other system for the load out at the Yard are using multi-wheel method and lifting method.
• Air Compressors with total capacity 7500 CFM
• Sandblasting equipment
• Pangborn Shot blasting Machines, for 10’ wide steel material, In addition there are
Clemco posts available for use where required.

Fabrication Yard Capabilities

In general yard capabilities can be describes as follows : In man-hours per year :
– Piping Shop : 566,000 M.hrs / year
– Pressure Vessel Shop : 258,000 M.hrs / year
– Instrument : 100,000 M.hrs / year
– Electrical : 80,000 M.hrs / year
– Open Area : 4,415,000 M.hrs / year
– TOTAL : 5,419,000 M.hrs / year


Clinic with the doctor and ambulance are available at GUNANUSA Fabrication Yard for first aid of accident during fabrication and construction.

Mess / Camp Area

The Camp area has 10 (ten) prefabricated porta camps and several rooms which can house up to 100 single status personnel and provides cover for the amenities of kitchen, laundry, mess hall, video lounge, canteen client, recreation rooms and 2 (two) units tennis court.

Generator Area

The generators produce 380/220 volts 50 Hz power equipment located in this area consisting of:
• 150 KVA Generator Set
• 550 KVA Generator Set
• 500 KVA Generator Set
• 50 KVA Generator Set
• 1730 KVA Substation for PLN connection
• Paralleling & Switch Gear
• 55,000 Ltr. Fuel Storage Tank

Power Supply

Total supply capacity is 3200 KWH from PLN power source and main generator house supplying 1500 KW standby Power. Yard power is distributed from the main powerhouse with 20,000 Volt underground distributions systems. This power distribution is:
• 1000 KVA transformer to the Jetty II, Mechanic shop area
• 800 KVA transformer to the Jetty I, Office, Mess and Vessels Shop area There are 50 KVA & 150 KVA emergency generators, which available to supply power wherever required.

Yard Lighting System

The yard lighting consist of :
• 18 M high tower with 1500 watt halogen lamp each
• 2 M high tower with 1000 watt halogen lamps each
• 2 M high tower with 1500 watt halogen lamps each
• 1,5 M high, Spot light 1000 watt lamp
• 1,5 M high, Spot light 1500 watt lamp

Security System

PTG security is operated by a team of security guards and one security chief and allows for a 24 hours shift operation covering every check stations. The yard area is protected from public access by a security fence 3 m high and constructed of steel pipes with plastic covered wire mesh. There are unfenced boundaries but these are secured by sea font. Paint and oxy-acetylene bottles are separately housed in a secure fences area within the yard a 24 hours watch is maintained at the main gates access to the yard. It is gained only after the security officer has obtained signed authorization from management for each and every request to enter.



Total – Peciko 6

Total E&P operates the Peciko gas and condensate field at the offshore of East Kalimantan, with a water depth from 30m to 50m, south of the Mahakam River Delta. Peciko Development Phase 6 is an onshore project consisted of turbo-compressors, inlet and discharge gas air coolers, suction and discharge scrubbers, pressure vessels, accompanying pipelines and civil works. The project will took 21 months and will be completed in 4th quarter of 2009.

Total – Tunu Field Development Phase 11 South Compression Platform (SCP) and South Manifold Platform (SMP)

Total E&P operates the Tunu gas and condensate field in East Kalimantan on the outer margin of the Mahakam delta with an average water depth of 8 m. Total has awarded Gunanusa to perform Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation of almost all of the phases of the development.

For phase 11, this project consists of 2 platforms, South Manifold Platform (SMP) and South Compression Platform (SCP). SMP, weighing 2700 tonnes, consists of deck, Middle Pressure manifold with pig launcher and pig receiver, Low Pressure manifold, 2 slug catchers, and flare KO drums. SCP, weighing 4600 tonnes, consists of deck, inlet and discharge, air cooler, turbo-compressors, suction scrubbers for gas compressors, plant and instrument air systems, nitrogen production system, gas turbine power generator packages. SCP compressed the gas before delivery to Bontang LNG Plant. The project, which took 23 months was awarded in December, 2006


The BP Indonesia operates Tangguh gas field in Berau Bay in the province of Irian Jaya, Indonesia. The natural gas field contains over 500 billion m3 (17 Tcf) of proven natural gas reserves, with estimates of potential reserves reaching over 800 billion m3 (28 Tcf).

Saipem as the main contractor for the project subcontracted Gunanusa to fabricate two Gas Production Facilities (GPF) platforms (VR-A and VR-B), each deck weight is 1200 tonnes, including each jacket (1900 tonnes) and pile (1300 tonnes).

The BP Tangguh facilities have a 40 years long term corrosion protection, which was accomplished by using Thermally Spray Aluminum (TSA) on the structures

The project was completed in October, 2006.


As part of a project to increase electricity supply to the City of New York, Alstom Power Inc hired Gunanusa to fabricate two identical 100MW Heat Steams Recovery Generators (HRSG), each weighing 2500 tonnes and has a 40 m height. We completed the fabrication in 8 months in April, 2005, loaded the modules to a dockwise vessel using multi wheels method, and shipped it through the Panama Canal to Queen,NY


Total Indonesie E&P operates the Tunu gas and condensate field in East Kalimantan on the outer margin of the Mahakam delta with an average water depth of 8 m. Total has awarded Gunanusa to perform Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation of almost all of the phases of the development.

Sisi Nubi Production Separation Platform (SNPS) has a 12 legs 3500 tonnes intergrated topside including finger type slug catcher separator, pipe racks, pig receiver, and open/close drain drum.


Total Indonesie E&P operates the Peciko gas and condensate field at the offshore of East Kalimantan, with a water depth from 30m to 50m, south of the Mahakam River Delta. Gunanusa has won several contracts for the Peciko Development Phases.

Peciko Offshore Development Phase 4 EPSC 2 contract entails the fabrication of 2 satellite wellhead platforms with 4 legs (SWP E & K), the decks weight are 970 and 850 tonnes. The jacket for the decks are 800 and 720 tonnes.

The contracts including one temporary drilling deck, and the offshore hook-up and modification of 4 other existing platforms. The project took 30 months, and was completed in 2004.


Total Indonesie E&P operates the Tunu gas and condensate field in East Kalimantan on the outer margin of the Mahakam delta with an average water depth of 8 m. Total has awarded Gunanusa to perform Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation of almost all of the phases of the development.

Gunanusa fabricated and installed the 700 tonnes Tunu Oily Water Treatment (OWT) to process produced water before disposal. The project consists of a 800 tonnes piles, manifold, and piping. It was completed in February, 2003


Total E&P operates the Peciko gas and condensate field at the offshore of East Kalimantan, with a water depth from 30m to 50m, south of the Mahakam River Delta. Gunanusa has won several contracts for the Peciko Development Phases.

For Peciko Offshore Developments Phase 3, Gunanusa fabricated the new Satellite Wellhead Platform (SWP-G) and 20″ sea line connection SWP-G and the existing MWP-A, and also the modification to existing facility (MWP-A). The plant design life is 20 years. The construction and installation, completed in October,2002, include the deck (1200 tonnes) and jacket (800 tonnes).


Total E&P operates the Tunu gas and condensate field in East Kalimantan on the outer margin of the Mahakam delta with an average water depth of 8 m. Total has awarded Gunanusa to perform Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation of almost all of the phases of the development.

The North Compression Platform for Tunu Development Phase 8, weighing at 5400 tonnes, is the largest platform Gunanusa ever fabricated to date. The NCP would allow the North Tunu area to operate in MP mode. The platform comprises of inlet slug catcher, air cooler, condensate export pumps and turbo-compressors. The project was completed in September, 2002.



Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), India largest oil and gas company, awarded Gunanusa-AFCON Joint Venture to execute the ICP-R Process Platform Project in Mumbai High North, India.

The project scope of works is the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Installation of the ICP-R platform, Flare Tripod and connecting bridge. The ICP-R platform consist Main Structural Frame, Building Module, Process Module, Turbo Generator and Compressor Module which has a weight of 7300 MT and the jacket weight is 3600 MT. The Flare Tripod topside weight is 90 MT and the jacket is 630 MT.The water depth is 75 m.

This is the first Gunanusa-AFCON Joint Venture project, and it will be completed on April, 2011.

PTTEP- Quarter Platform South (QPS) and Flare Platform South (FPS)

PTT Exploration and Production Plc (PTTEP) operates the Greater Bongkot South (GBS) gas field in the Gulf of Thailand. For the Development Phase 4a of GBS, Gunanusa has been awarded the contract for Supply and Installation of Quarter Platform South (QPS) and Flare Platform South (FPS), with the scope of work to perform Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, Hook Up and Commissioning.

QPS has a 1200 tonnes upper deck for a 158-person living quarters, galley, recreational room, office, helideck & workshop, and a 1500 tonnes lower deck for emergency diesel, fresh water package and sewage treatment.

FPS has a topsides weight of 420 tonnes with a 550 tonnes jacket and the platforms will be installed at the water depth of 78 m. This project is scheduled for 26 months, with the expected installation on April 2011.

HESS – Ujung Pangkah Central Processing Platform (CPP) and Auxiliary & Utility Platform (AUP)

Hess operates the Ujung Pangkah area at East Java in shallow water at 10 m depth. Gunanusa has been awarded to perform Engineering, Construction, Hook Up and Commissioning of Central Processing Platform (CPP) and Auxiliary & Utility Platform (AUP).

CPP has a 2650 tonnes upper deck with an 260 tonnes jacket, the platform consists of processing module, gas/liquid separation, gas compression, liquids pumping and produced water handling, water treatment and disposal.

AUP has a topsides weight of 2080 tonnes with a 260 tonnes jacket. AUP will accommodate 35 persons and a Control Building located on the Cellar Deck which is comprised of the Motor Control Centre (MCC) room, Transformer Room, Local Equipment Room (LER) and workshops area. This project is scheduled for 26 months, with the expected installation on April 2011




Working together with longstanding partners, SMOE operates a multi-disciplinary engineering team, responsible for completing some of the most complex projects.


Our engineering core competencies comprises of:

  • Process
  • Piping
  • Mechanical
  • Structural
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • HVAC
  • Architectural
  • Fire and Safety


These disciplines allow us to provide our clients with total engineering solutions such as conceptual and front-end design, detailed engineering and construction detailing.


Project Management

The project management outfit in SMOE is an integrated working party that consists of teams in engineering procurement, construction, planning and scheduling, pre-commissioning and offshore hook-up and commissioning.


Internally, all work executed on the job is consistently checked for compliance to codes and specifications in HSE and Quality.


Apart from third party inspection bodies, SMOE also boost a team of certified professionals to carry out Non Destructive Inspections such as ultrasonic, radiography, magnetic particle, dye penetrant, painting and welding.

To keep a consistent high quality in our finished product, quality control personnel who are dedicated to the project management team regularly conduct inspection during the fabrication phase. They will look out for compliance in structural, piping, electrical, instrumental, architectural and mechanical.

Other important areas that are inspected will include material, dimension control, blasting and painting, mechanical, positive material identification and hardness testing.


SMOE operates one of the finest fabrication facilities situated on the north-eastern shore of Singapore, a country with year round tropical climate and good labour laws. Other vantage points are our unobstructed access to open waters and deep fabrication berths that enable heavy load-outs, meeting the demands for the industry’s increasingly massive projects.

Singapore Yard Data
Total yard area 830,000 m2
Total fabrication area 293,000 m2
Open fabrication area 162,640 sqm
Workshops 25,337 m2
Covered warehouse 3,400 m2
Open storage area 71,828 m2
Painting area outdoor : 15,000 m2
indoor : 2,500 m2
Main office area 2,327 m2
Project office area 10,391 m2
Waterfront – reinforced 1,525 m
Minimum water depth at waterfront 11.2 m
Maximum water depth at waterfront 14.9 m
Distance to open water 19 km
Minimum width restriction to open water 0.8 km
Maximum barge size no limit, no restriction for sea transport
Maximum size of seagoing vessel capable of accommodating the largest VLCC alongside the berth
Loadout capacity 20,000 mt






Batam Yard

PT SMOE Indonesia (PTSI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SMOE. The facility is located on the eastern coast of Batam Island and fronts the South China Sea. The island is situated within the special economic zones which gives PTSI the privilege to trade on tax-free terms. An added advantage is its close proximity to Singapore which is linked by hourly ferry trips from Harbourfront to the Batam Centre as well as Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Nongsa Ferry Terminal.

PTSI’s Quality Management System is accredited to ISO 9001:2000 and follows parent company’s HSE Management System for project execution.

Batam Yard Data
Total yard area (Phases I and II) 300,000 m2
(With Planned Phase III Development) 523,000 m2
Construction area 232,120 m2
Total office area 8,983 m2
Storage area (covered) 5,300 m2
Storage area (open) 5,350 m2
Total Fabrication shops area 29,365 m2
Blasting and painting (covered) 2,700 m2
Loadout Platform 30m length / 2,500 mt (loadout by bogie)
Loadout Bulkhead 27m length / 15,000 mt
Skidway capacity Topsides – 10,000 mt. Jacket – 15,000 mt
Skidway length 275 m
Water depth 7 m (10 m when dredged)
Distance to open sea 200 m





















Current Projects.


Halfdan Field Development








Gajah Baru Field Development











Past Project


Bohai Phase II Development



Scope Fabrication, integration and providing commissioning assistance of 15 Topsides Modules and 7 Piperack Modules onto a new build FPSO hull of 2 million barrels storage capacity
Client ConocoPhillips China, Inc.
Location Bohai Field, Block 11/05 of the Bohai Bay area in the People’s Republic of China
Contract Award February 2005
Completion Date August 2008
Total Weight 32,000 mt
















Balal Field Development



Scope Engineering, procurement, construction, offshore hook-up and commissioning of a Combined Process cum Living Quarters Platform and a Wellhead Platform
Client Elf Petroleum Iran
Location Balal Field Development, offshore Iran
Contract Award Date October 2000
Completion Date December 2002
Total Weight Process and Living Quarters Platform – 6,000 mt
Wellhead Platform – 1,900 mt



Bongkot Field Development




Scope Engineering, procurement, construction and offshore hook-up and pre-commissioning of the Sour Process Platform (SPP) and undertake modifications to existing Platforms.
Client PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited
Location Bongkot field, Thailand
Contract Award Date February 2003
Completion Date November 2004
Total Weight 9,000 mt




Erawan Field Development



Scope Engineering, procurement, construction, load-out, transportation, installation, hook-up & commissioning and technical assistance during initial operation for the complete Riser Platform.
Client PTT Public Company Limited
Location Gulf of Thailand at the Erawan Gas Field, 152km off the eastern coast of Thailand
Contract Award Date June 2004
Completion Date March 2006
Total Weight 7,300 mt










Scope Procurement of certain materials, fabrication of thirteen Topsides Modules, including the main Gas Injection Trains and Generator Modules as well as various Utility Modules. Installation and integration of the Modules, together with some additional components that will be fabricated elsewhere.
Client Saipem S.A
End Client Esso Exploration and Production, Nigeria
Location 145 km offshore Nigeria
Contract Award Date October 2002
Completion Date February 2005
Total Fabrication Weight 16,000 mt

















FA Field Development





Scope Engineering, procurement, construction and offshore hook-up and commissioning of a Compression Module in a live field environment.
Client Mossgas
Location South of Mossel Bay, South Africa
Contract Award Date December 1996
Completion Date July 1998
Total Weight 1,400 mt




















Halfdan Field Development



Scope Engineering, procurement, and fabrication of a Process Topside and Accommodation Module.
Client Maersk Oil and Gas, Denmark
Location Danish waters, North Sea
Contract Award Date September 2001
Completion Date June 2003
Total Weight 7,100 mt





Idd EI Shargi Field Development



Scope Engineering, procurement, fabrication, pre-commissioning, load-out, transportation and offshore hook-up of a Process/Utility Platform, a Flare Structure with Jacket, five Bridges with two Bridge Support Jackets as well as modification to an existing Platform.
Client Occidental Petroleum Company of Qatar Limited
Location Qatari sector of Arabian Gulf, 80 kilometres north-east of Doha
Contract Award Date November 2002
Completion Date June 2005
Total Weight 8,600 mt




Kerisi Field Development ( CPP & WHP )




Scope Construction, pre-commissioning and loadout of 2 process modules, 1 utility module, 1 living quarters and 1 flare structure
Client ConocoPhillips Indonesia
Location Kerisi Field, Indonesia
Contract Duration 13 months for Wellhead and Jacket. 16 months for Central Processing Platform
Completion 2006 and 2007 respectively
Project structure Wellhead Topside, 1065mt and Jacket 1,460mt. CPP (inclusive 2 Process Modules, 1 Utility Module, 1 Living Quarters Module and 1 Flare Structure) 5,800mt
Scope of work Construction






Malampaya Field Development



Scope Fabrication, onshore pre-commissioning and loadout of the three-level Integrated Topsides Deck and a three-level Living Quarters Module.
Client Brown & Root Energy Services
End Client Shell Philippines Exploration B.V.
Location Camago Malampaya Field, offshore Philippines
Contract Award Date February 1999
Completion Date March 2001
Total Weight Integrated Topside – 11,500 mt
Load-out Truss – 1,500 mt



Yetagun Field Development



Scope Engineering, procurement, fabrication, load-out, transportation, installation and hook-up and commissioning of Production Platform and fifty-seven-men Living Quarters.
Client Premier Petroleum Myanmar
Location Yetagun Field, Myanmar
Contract Award Date August 1997
Completion Date February 2000
Total Weight Topside – 8,000 mt
Jacket – 6,400 mt






JDA Development Block 17



Scope Engineering, procurement, construction, load-out, offshore hook-up and commissioning of a Central Processing Platform
Client Carigali PTTEPI Operating Company (CPOC)
Location Malaysia-Thailand border (known as the Malaysia-Thailand Joint Development Area); 268 km east of Songkhla, Thailand and 171 km north of Kota Bahru, Malaysia.
Contract Award January 2007
Completion Date October 2009
Total Weight 18,000 mt







Tunu Field Development



Scope Engineering, procurement, construction, transportation, installation, hook up and commissioning for a Manifold and a Compression Platform
Client Total E&P Indonesie
Location Tunu Field, Indonesia
Contract Award February 2007
Completion Date Manifold Platform – March 2009, Compression Platform – April 2009
Total Weight Manifold Platform – 2,500mt, Compression Platform – 3,600mt





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Info Lowongan Kerja

Bagi Rekan rekan yang punya informasi mengenai lowongan kerja bisa di email kan ke saya di nanti akan kita muat di blok ini biar temen kita yang lain tahu.

Terima kasih

Reuni Politeknik Undip An'92

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Reuni 92

Reuni Politeknik Undip 92

Kata Pengantar.

Reuni Politeknik Undip Jurusan Teknik Sipil kali ini adalah yang pertama kali diadakan. Reuni ini diharapkan bisa membuat sesama alumi tetap saling kenal setelah sekian tahun tak betatap muka, ber silaturohmi, bisa tukar informasi dan update status baik mengenai alamat rumah maupun telephone.

Waktu dan Tempat.

Waktu reuni diakan pada tanggal 13 September 2010 Jam 11.00 bertempat di Rinjani View Semarang.

Peserta Reuni.

Peserta Reuni adalah Jurusan Teknik Sipil Angkatan ’92. Adapun daftar peserta reuni bisa dilihat di daftatar hadir.

List Teman Alumi Politek ’92 030111 Tsipil 1A

List Teman Alumi Politek ’92 030111 Tsipil 1B

Hasil Reuni

Hasil Reuni ini sementara kita hanya menampung dari usulan dan masukan serta kesan kesan dari masing-masing teman kita dikarenakan waktu yang sangat terbatas. Untuk menindaklanjutinya team inti akan selalu berkoordinasi dan membuat kesimpulan-kesimpulan sementara, yang nantinya akan di kirimkan kembali ke semua rekan rekan untuk mendapatkan jawaban atas kesimpulan semantara itu. Setelah itu baru membuat kesimpulan terakhir dan di kirimkan kembali ke rekan-rekan.

Adapun hasil dari masukan, saran dan usulan dari rekan-rekan adalah sebagai berikut:

–          Usulan mengenai waktu reuni: sebaiknya dilakukan 2 atau 3 tahun sekali.

–          Usulan menganai dana reuni: sebaiknya dana tidak terlalu mahal berkisar diantara 50 ribu rupiah

–          Usulan mengenai tempat reuni: ada yang mengusulkan tempat reuni dilakukan di kampus dan ada yang mengusulkan di salah satu tempat rumah dari teman kita atau di salah satu rumah makan yang mana ada fasilitas permainan anak agar tidak bosan.

–          Usulan mengenai pembetukan seperti Perusahaan yang mana bisa menampung apabila ada rekan kita yang membutuhkan.

–          Usulan mengenai adanya simpan pinjam yang mana apabila ada rekan kita yang membutuhkan bisa dipinjam.

–          Usulan mengenai Temapat reuni yang kurang santai dan formal

–          Usulan mengenai adanya souvenir reuni

–          Usulan mengenai reuni akbar.

–          Usulan mengenai adanya website nengenai data rekan-rekan, lowongan dan info yang bisa di akses.

Demikian hasil reuni yang bisa saya sampaikan ke rekan-rekan untuk bisa di pahami. Untuk laporan mengenai dana reuni telah di laporkan aleh saudara Eko dan Ani beberapa waktu lalu.

Laporan Biaya Reuni.



Panitia sangat mengucapkan banyak terima Kasih atas terselenggaranya reuni pertama Alumni Politeknik Undip angkatan 92 ini, semoga hasil dari reuni ini bisa bermanfaat bagi kita semua. Panitia juga mohon maaf yang sebesar besarnya apabila ada hal yang kurang berkenan dalam pelaksanaan reuni atau perkataan yang menyinggung rekan-rekan semua.

Salam sukses buat rekan rekan, semoga allah akan selalu membimbing  kita menuju ke jalan yang benar.  AMIIN.

Photo Reuni.

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